Book Series’ For Every Category

I love books, don't you? They're amazing when you think about it! All these people read the same book, but we all think of it differently. The same characters, look different in different people's minds. Anyways, here is a brief description of some of my favorite series and there best category. Romance: Lunar Chronicles by … Continue reading Book Series’ For Every Category


Donald John Trump

"Somebody who is highly unqualified for his/her job"   We chose Donald John Trump being elected for President of The United States Of America. He is highly unqualified for the job given to him, by some of the people. Nobody expected this for America, we just might be doomed. Let’s learn about our new President-elect … Continue reading Donald John Trump

Three Basic Essential Oil Blends

I just love beautiful essential oil blends! So I will be doing more posts on different essential oil blends, but for now here are three  different variations!  Cheerful Blend: Bergamot Oil Orange Oil Grapefruit Oil Lemon & Lime Oil Focas Blend: Lemon Oil Peppermint Oil Wintergreen Oil Basil Oil Rosemary Oil Grapefruit Oil Clean Blend: … Continue reading Three Basic Essential Oil Blends